A $100 deposit will hold your puppy for you, until it's ready to go home with you.  No checks. We take Cash, Credit Card/Debt with square, (YOU must be standing beside me to use square) Pay Pal (YOU must have a Pay Pal account to use Pay Pal)  If you use square or Pay Pal they charge .05% to every $100.  Add .05% to the deposit amount.  EXAMPLE, if you are wanting to put down a $100. deposit. You type in $105.  Minimum of $100. for a deposit will hold your puppy till it's ready to go home with you. However you must pay balance in CASH. NO exceptions. You will recive a receipt from us. Thank you, Rebekah Smith

DEPOSITS are Non-Refundable. The puppy must be picked up and paid in full at the time its ready to go. We will ONLY accept CASH for final payment due to all the scams. If  the puppy is not picked up by the time it is ready to go home with you it will be put back up for sale and you will lose your deposit.

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