We will NOT NEGOTIATE The price of any of our puppies. Please don't ask, We find it very rude. You wouldn't like it if you worked very hard at your job then someone asked you to take less. It's the same thing. If our pups are not in your budget, Go elsewhere. We have invested a lot in our puppies, in time, effort, food, vaccinations, worming, State Tax, Federal Tax , Insurance and  license.  
PRICES Start at.... EXOTIC & TEA CUPS are higher.

YORKIES, Males $954. Females $1.060.

YORKIE-POO, Males $848. Females $954.

TOY POODLES, Males $954. Females $1,060.

SHIH-TZU, Males $742. Females $848.

SHORKIES, $742. Females $848,

We reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone, We feel would not make a good owner to any of our puppies. 
Please understand,  Our dogs and  puppies are, family to us. They are, our life. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.

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