I do not own, These males, But I wanted, them on here so you could see, the studs I use with my females. Sorry NO stud service.

Reese, A.K.C. & C.K.C. Reg. This guy carries ALL colors! Very sweet little man!
Yorkie, Blue Merle "Pablo Picasso" A.P.R.I. C.K.C. A.K.C. reg. This has got to be the sweetest Dog, I have ever met! He carries ALL colors.
Toy-Poodle "Buster Brown" C.K.C. Reg.This is a Chocolate Phantom, short legs, very sweet dog. 
Shih-Tzu, "Colby" C.K.C. reg.This little guy is so full of energy! He is always ready to play!
Shih-Tzu, "Dash" C.K.C. reg.This guy is very smart, knows most tricks and is alway willing to please!

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