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          I do NOT own these males.  
Yorkie, Blue Merle "Pablo Picasso" A.P.R.I. C.K.C. & A.K.C. reg. This has got to be the sweetest Dog, I have ever met! He carries ALL colors.
Yorkie Chocolate, "Lincoln" C.K.C. & A.P.R.I. reg. This is a very sweet guy. He is a lover not a fighter!
Shih-Tzu, "Bojangle" C.K.C. reg.This little guy is so full of energy! He is always ready to play! Loves Jumping in the pond!
Shih-Tzu, "Root Beer" C.K.C. reg.This guy is very smart, knows most tricks and is alway willing to please!
Toy Poodle, "Crouton" C.K.C. reg. Small loving ready to play!
TINY, Toy Poodle,  "Pepper" C.K.C. reg. Very loving calm. Loves sitting in your lap and watching TV.

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